Sungmin Rhee


International Papers

  • Jung I, Kim M, Rhee S, Lim S, Kim S. MONTI: A Multi-Omics Non-negative Tensor Decomposition Framework for Gene-Level Integrative Analysis. Frontiers in Genetics, 2021 Sep 10.
  • Jo K, Santos-Buitrago B, Kim M, Rhee S, Talcott C, Kim S. Logic-based analysis of gene expression data predicts association between TNF, TGFB1 and EGF pathways in basal-like breast cancer. Methods, 2020 July 1.

Conference Papers

  • Rhee S, Lim S, Kim S, Iterative segmented least square method for functional microRNA-mRNA module discovery in breast cancer. 2016 IEEE International Conference On Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (BIBM 2016), Shenzhen, China