Minsik Oh


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International Papers

  • Kang H, Ahn H, Jo K, Oh M, Kim S. mirTime: Identifying Condition-Specific Targets of MicroRNA in Time-series Transcript Data using Gaussian Process Model and Spherical Vector Clustering. GIW. 2018 Aug. Accepted.
  • Seo S, Oh M, Park Y, Kim S. DeepFam: Deep learning based alignment-free method for protein family modeling and prediction. ISMB 2018. Bioinformatics, 2018.
  • L'Yi S, Jung D, Oh M, Kim B, Freishtat RJ, Giri M, Hoffman E, Seo J. miRTarVis+: Web-based interactive visual analytics tool for microRNA target predictions. Methods. 2017 July 15
  • Oh M, Rhee S, Moon JH, Chae H, Lee S, Kang J, Kim S, Literature-based condition-specific miRNA-mRNA target prediction. PLoS ONE. 2017 Mar 31

Domestic Papers

  • 서석준, 오민식, 정인욱, 채희준, 김선. BioVLAB-클라우드 기반의 생물정보학 분석 시스템, 정보과학회지, Vol.31, No.3, 2013년 3월, pp.108-114.