Ji Hwan Moon



International Papers

  • Lee CJ, Ahn HR, Jeong DB, Pak MW, Moon JH, Kim Sun. Impact of mutations in DNA methylation modification genes on genome-wide methylation landscapes and downstream gene activations in pan-cancer. International Conference on Genome Informatics, 2019. [Submitted]
  • Moon JH, Lee S, Hur B, Kim S. MLDEG: A Machine Learning Approach to Identify Differentially Expressed Genes Using Network Property and Network Propagation. Under review
  • Kim HJ, Moon JH, Shin JS, Kim B, Kim JS, Yoon IH, Min BH, Kim JM, Kang SJ, Kim YH, Jo K, Choi J, Chae H, Lee WW, Kim S, Park CG. Bioinformatics analyses with peripheral blood RNA-sequencing unveiled the cause of the graft loss after pig-to-nonhuman primate islet xenotransplantation model. Under review
  • Oh M, Rhee S, Moon JH, Chae H, Lee S, Kang J, Kim S, Literature-based condition-specific miRNA-mRNA target prediction. PLoS ONE. 2017 Mar 31.
  • Moon JH, Lim S, Jo K, Lee S, Seo S, Kim S, PINTnet: construction of condition-specic pathway interaction network by computing shortest paths on weighted PPI. BMC Systems Biology. 2017 Mar 14.
  • Jo K, Jung IU, Moon JH, Kim S, Influence maximization in time bounded network identifies transcription factors regulating perturbed pathways. Bioinformatics. 2016 Jun 15.

Conference Papers

  • Lee S, Moon JH, Park Y, Kim S, Flow maximization analysis of cell cycle pathway activation status in breast cancer subtypes, 2017 IEEE International Conference on Big Data and Smart Computing (BigComp 2017)
  • Kim HJ, Moon JH, Shin JS, Kim BG, Kim JS, Min BH, Jo K, Kang SJ, Byun N, Phuong T, Kim JM, Kim S, Park CG. A new bioinformatics analysis can reveal intestinal infection as a cause of graft rejection in islet xenotransplantation in non-human primate. Presented at the Annual Meeting, American Association of Immunologist, May 2015, New Orleans, LA
  • Kim HJ, Moon JH, Shin JS, Kim JS, Min BH, Kim JM, Kim YH, Lee WW, Kang BC, Kang SJ, Kim SJ, Jo K, Kim S, Park CG. A new bioinformatics analysis reveals intestinal infection as a possible cause of intrahepatic graft rejection in non-human primate porcine islet xenotransplantation. IPITA-IXA-CTS 2015, Nov 15-19, Melbourne, Australia