Dongwon Kang


kgdgwn98 at gmail

International Papers

  • Kang D, Ahn H, Lee S, Lee CJ, Hur J, Jung W, Kim S. Identifying stress-related genes and predicting stress types in Arabidopsis using logical correlation layer and CMCL loss through time-series data. BIBM. 2018 Dec. Accepted.
  • Ahn H, Jung I, Chae H, Kang D, Jung W, Kim S. HTRgene: Integrating Multiple Heterogeneous Time-series Data to Investigate Cold and Heat Stress Response Signaling Genes in Arabidopsis. BIBM. 2018 Dec. Accepted.
  • Lee CJ, Kang D, Lee S, Lee S, Kang J, Kim S. In silico experiment system for testing hypothesis on gene functions using three condition specific biological networks. Methods. 2018 May 11.

Domestic Papers

  • 강동원, 안홍렬, 정우석, 김선. 이질적 시계열 유전자 발현 데이터의 통합 분석 문제의 정의 및 애기장대에서의 저온 스트레스 반응 유전자 검출 알고리즘 개발, 한국정보과학회 2015년 동계학술발표회 논문집, Vol.2015, No.12, pp.648-650.

CSE Major, Server Administrator, Interested in Genomic Data Mining/Deep Learning